"Canadian pop/electronic princess, Lora Ryan releases her debut album "RECKLESS" synthesised to perfection".  

Pop-electronic singer/songwriter, Lora Ryan has notched her share of ups and downs in life and love. Like countless artists, she's channelled those triumphs and tragedies into personally therapeutic songs that tell universal stories while moving us emotionally, intellectually and physically.


From her vast catalogue of music, Ryan has handpicked 8 of them into a stunning, ambitious album titled Reckless. Unlike many of her peers, Ryan writes songs that reflect the complexities of life and relationships — while cloaked in the deceptively simple trappings of radio-ready pop.

The musical side of Reckless is just as brilliantly detailed. Working closely with longtime producer Adam Royce, Ryan has fashioned distinctive, dynamic and vibrant tracks that not only complement her soulful R&B-tinged vocals and ear-worm melodies, but expand dance-pop's palette with innovative colours, tones and textures. 


“There are definitely different sides to the album, just like there are different sides, faces and stages of life. Life is messy. Sometimes it's happy. Sometimes it's sad. Sometimes it's sexy. Sometimes it's tragic. It's a little bit of everything and sometimes it's more than one thing at once.” It all adds up to “Reckless” in a glittered pink package.